Our Story

We're so happy you're here.
Created and founded by Erin Pugh, Orles was born through a love of nostalgic inspired accessories and modern day style. Orles wanted to give women, like you, the perfect wicker basket that all your outfits will love.

As trends come and go, Orles will not, our baskets are as timeless as you are.

Orles is inspired by women both past and present. Our baskets were intended to be carried with a generous scoop of 'je ne sais quoi', so swing your basket, be bold and show us your chicness.



Beauty, utility and fine details are at the heart of the Orles design process.

Our baskets are dreamed of and brought to life through sketches, swatches, samples, pantones and many, many rounds of design refinements. We're virgos which means that perfection is in our nature. Through hours and hours of design we've found the perfect balance of beautiful detail that is timelessly simple. 

We nurture our baskets at every stage of our design process, we strut with them, swing them and take them with us when we do all that stuff we gotta do. This gives us the connection to refine for utility and design for all that real life you're living.  


  • We celebrate women.
  • We support those around us with respect and enthusiasm. When we lift each other up, everyone wins.
  • We're nostalgic for the past but we don't look back, we're not going that way.
  • We believe the 'mode de vie francais' should be enjoyed apologetically. Cheese, bread and wine are our three true loves.
  • We invest in designing Orles baskets that only use the highest quality materials and last a lifetime. Buying less will give you more.


 Enjoy, Orles was created for you.