Design Details

Swoon worthy details that will have you saying 'oui, s'il vous plaît'.
Beauty, utility and fine details are at the heart of the Orles design process.

Made by hand. Worn by you.

Orles basket bags start their lives as sketches. From there they are 100% meticulously handmade without the use of any production machinery. We work with a small team of skilled artisans who hand weave, sew, buff and polish to perfection, each one taking one artisan approximately 6-7 hours to craft.

The handcrafted nature of each basket bag means they will never be mass produced and only available in small quantities. No two baskets will ever be exactly the same, they represent a one of a kind beauty, just like you.



Saffiano leather card holders.

We were always searching for our cards in the wild. To tame them we made detachable saffiano leather card holders, which are both scratch resistant and wax treated to last a lifetime.  Every Orles basket bag comes with a card holder, so your cards will never be lost in the wild again. 


Signature silk satin lining.

Dive into our baskets with a pillowy soft landing. Our signature O logo is printed onto silk satin then hand sewn into each basket over a soft foam base. 

100% sustainable wicker.

Our wicker hue is created naturally by Mother Nature, what a woman. Each premium grade strand is derived from an 100% sustainable process, carefully coated in lacquer, dried and hand woven into our baskets for a silky smooth finish.

Basket bag feet.

Your basket bag will always have a seat at the table. Our gold lacquered feet are the perfect height to make sure your wicker never skims the ground. 


Our Signature O.

We love our signature O’s, they are our pièce de résistance. Modelled from our brand logo, they are poured like warm butter into moulds and set for a high shine finish. Just remember, she’s a head turner, not a handle.

 Gold hardware.

Boasting the perfect shade of muted gold, our hardware has been coated with lacquer to avoid oxidization and rust. We recommend buffing with a dry cloth for a high shine finish or leave it to age gracefully for a subdued vibe.


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